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biomechanical gait analysis leicester

Biomechanical Assessment - £65

Follow-up consultation - £30

Assessment Report - from £30 (if required)


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Biomechanical / Gait analysis requires your podiatrist to make an assessment of the bones in your foot and lower leg and determine how weight is distributed through the ankle and feet as your walk or run.

Many injuries are often caused, at least in part, by poor biomechanics. Runners and athletes whose sports require a high level of running and jumping should make sure they have had a gait analysis and buy the correct footwear to avoid future overuse injuries.

The following are a list of common overuse injuries associated with poor gait / foot biomechanics:

You can examine your own footwear to see if there is a pattern of wear suggestive of poor foot biomechanics / gait. If there is excessive wear on the inner or outer edge of the heel, it is advisable to seek advice from a podiatrist.

It is important to be able to move efficiently when walking, jogging or running, to avoid injuries. Your joints need to be capable of moving fully, as well as having strong enough muscles to move the joints in a normal way to produce an efficient gait cycle (the movement of the lower limbs and the motion of the rest of the body when transferring weight down to the feet).

If joints are stiff (usually caused by muscle tightness), limiting range of movement, or muscles are weak, the body must find ways of compensating for the problem, leading to biomechanical abnormalities.

At Absolute Health, we can refer patients between therapists - for example, if a podiatrist finds muscle or joint problems during your assessment, they can refer you to one of the osteopaths for further advice or treatment.

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