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Sophie Bevin BSc Ost Med (Hons)

I graduated in 2008 from the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine with a 2:1 BSc Honours degree in Osteopathic Medicine, which was a four year, full time course.

What I really like about Osteopathy is all the different elements it encompasses: anatomy, pathology, neurology, psychology, clinicianship and of course manual, hands-on therapy. An Osteopath is in a unique position to influence your health on a number of different levels simultaneously.

At Absolute Health, you may find our prices are slightly higher than average – but our treatment times are often twice as long as the average. I like to think we therefore offer excellent therapeutic value for money and allow you time to rest, relax and reflect – a fundamental part of your recovery.

My treatment style

If you are looking for a lot of manipulation – the pops and clicks of joints – I may not be the ideal Osteopath for you. My treatments are based much more on persistent, repetitive movements called articulations. I use these because I believe they allow a greater opportunity to influence the connective tissues around joints to give a longer lasting result. Manipulations sometimes give people a quick ‘reboot’ – but if the underlying causes of the joint becoming stuck or stiff are not addressed, then there is little to stand in the way of reversion or relapse back to how and where your body was.

During treatment, I try to keep people as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I do a lot of work on muscles (myofascial release) and I do sometimes release joints with manipulations – mainly at the thoracic (rib cage) levels.

All of this is your treatment. I aim to be as clear as possible with my reasoning and intentions, but if you have any doubts or queries, just ask.

Home exercises

Everybody gets homework! Osteopathy is good – but what you do for the other 167 (yes, 167!) hours a week contribute hugely. I give most people stretching and strengthening exercises and wherever possible, I’ll tailor them to your lifestyle and timetable to help you get them done.

Potential for change

Always remember that your body has a great capacity for recovery, even if you’re feeling fearful and sore. If you do what you can to change your physical and physiological environment, your body can make use of that to help you recover. Osteopathy is a great treatment to help you make the most of your body, your mobility and your health, so you can feel better – and get the most out of life!

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