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Spray tanning

Amber mist tanning is applied, giving an instant natural golden tan lasting up to a week.

1st spray tan treatment - £25.00

2nd spray tan (within 2 weeks of 1st) - £20.00

spray tan leicester

Tan for two (two people booked at the same time) - £40.00

An allergy test may be required 24 hours prior to first treatment.

If you have applied moisturiser on the day of your tan (by mistake!), tell us as it can act as a barrier. Also, remember to wear dark, loose clothing so the tan doesn't ruin them.

What is Airbrush Tanning?

Airbrush tanning is the easiest way to apply the active ingredient DHA (found in most self tanning products). The fine mist from the airbrush ensures a perfectly even application to the skins surface and as there is no 'rubbing in' required you avoid streaking and patchiness.

How does the Amber-Mist formula work?

This formula is made up of TWO tanning agents.

  1. An instant bronzer which will give an instant tan effect and allow you to see exactly where you are spraying the clear DHA ingredient.
  2. DHA - this ingredient gives the most natural looking colour but it takes up to 24 hours to fully develop. The instant bronzer can be washed off after 8 hours (it's water soluble) as by then the DHA will have fully absorbed.

What is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone)?

DHA is a colourless derivative of sugar cane that has been FDA approved for more than 30 years. DHA darkens the skin by interacting with the amino acids in the dead surface cells found in the outermost layer of the skin, causing it to darken naturally.

How long does it take to apply? It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to apply and 5-10 minutes to dry. Amber-Mist uses coacrylicpolymide technology to ensure perfect adhesion and absorption rates and is one of the fastest drying solutions on the market.

About Amber Mist Tanning

Does it have any smell?

No, Amber Mist has been formulated to remove the unpleasant smell normally associated with self tanning product. This solution is completely odourless, leaving you free to use your own perfumes, deodorants, etc for your evening out after your spray tan.

Do I need a secondary application?

No, Amber Mist is formulated to ensure that just one single application will give a rich golden colour that lasts up to eight days. If you want to keep the look longer than a week, you may want to book in for a second application.

How do I prepare for an Amber-Mist Tan?

For the very best results exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and ensure that you are not wearing any perfume, makeup deodorant or moisturiser. Wear loose fitting cotton clothing, as the water soluble instant bronzer may rub off on clothing.

What should I do after an Amber-Mist Tan?

To allow the DHA to fully absorb and react it is essential that you remain dry for at least 8 hours. Avoid any activity that may cause perspiration. After 8 hours you can wash off the instant bronzer if required as the DHA colour will have begun to develop. The DHA colour takes up to 24 hours to fully develop and will look it's best if you moisturise daily.

How often can I get an Amber-Mist tan?

As often as you like - the formula is completely safe and DHA is FDA approved for cosmetic use. Most people like to top up their tan once a week and it is completely safe to do so.

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