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Basic manicure* - £16
Great looking nails in a flash. Nails shaped & finished with a choice of nail polish colours.

Full manicure* - £23.50
For beautiful nails, your nails will be filed & shaped, plus cuticles tidied. Nails are finished with your choice of colour.

cnd shellac pedicure leicester

Shellac manicure - £29.00
Nails & cuticles soaked & shaped, nails finished in a high quality Shellac gel. "CND Shellac™ delivers 14+ day flawless wear, superior color and mirror shine with zero dry-time and no nail damage. CND Shellac is a true innovation of chip-free, extended-wear nail color!"

* For a French polish finish please add £2.50. For a jewelled finish to a Manicure please add £0.50 per jewel.

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Tips from Stylist.co.uk

Tips from STYLIST.co.uk:

“If you have any deep cuts, burns or rashes on your hands or fingers, it’s better to postpone your appointment until the area has completely healed – we work with a lot of chemicals in a nail salon and this is to protect you from infection.”

“Clients constantly apologise for the state of their nails, particularly biters, but we’ve always seen something worse so there’s no need to feel panicked. A manicure or pedi should be a relaxing experience.”

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“It’s not a problem if you arrive with old, chipped polish, we understand you may not have had time to remove it – but we do ask that you thoroughly wash your hands first as we don’t wear gloves because we need to maintain a sensitivity of touch and otherwise you’re constantly passing on germs.”

“Don't feel obliged to cut long nails before an appointment, it's better for us to see the strength and shape of your nails before an appointment and decide on the length together - it might be that we need to cut them again anyway."

“It’s up to the client to lead the conversation during a treatment. Some want to talk and some don’t. We are taught to gauge the difference between the two.”

“Turn up at least five minutes before your treatment [which is true of all treatments]. We have back-to-back appointments all day – it makes such a difference to our schedule, and your treatment if you arrive on time.”

"As with any service industry, tipping is welcomed but not expected. We don't include gratuity - but clients tip around 50% of the time, usually around £5 at reception, which we put into an envelope and give to the therapists. Admittedly we do remember the clients who tip."

“A decent manicure should stay pristine for a week but we hope it lasts up to four, although that does depend on your lifestyle. Come back if you’re not satisfied.”


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Absolute Health clinic Leicester testimonials
Absolute Health clinic Leicester testimonials
Absolute Health clinic Leicester testimonials
Absolute Health clinic Leicester testimonials
Absolute Health clinic Leicester testimonials