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Facial treatments

Casmara facials at Absolute Health Leicester

Casmara Premium Quality Facial - £29

Casmara Facial mask
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A range of facial treatments using a unisex formula for all skin types and ages, at any time of year.

Based on plant extracts such as Oats, Wheat and Soya, this luxurious range of Algae Peel off Masks form the core of the Casmara Skincare range.

Each of the masks targets different skin issues e.g.

  • The charcoal in the Reaffirming mask absorbs impurities from congested skin
  • The chlorophyll in the Green mask has a soothing and and oxygenating effect on aggravated or dry skin
  • The Bi-Phase mask incorporates an eye treatment based on Bilberry which posses antiseptic and decongestant properties
Regeneration Mask

This mask Composes of carbohydrates mixed with linseeds and aloe leaves. Carbohydrates in the treatment mask solidify and form a plastic mask on the face. Linseeds contain oils, mucilages and enzymes that soften and calm the skin. Aloe leaves, thanks to its Aloin content, stimulate the generation of new cells and have an anti-irritant and soothing effect on the skin. This mask is particularly suitable during post exfoliating or peeling treatments.

Sensitive Mask

This mask contains algae derivatives and extracts of violets and oats. The nourishments from vegetable extracts derived from violets and oats are well-known for their beneficial effects on delicate skin. Oats are rich in vitamins A, B and E. The mask is suitable for all skin types, in particular sensitive or Couperose skin.

Green Tea Mask

This mask is algae based and is composed of green tea leaves that contain polyphenols, beta-carotene and cathechins molecules. Cathechins have 100 times more antioxidant properties than vitamin C, making them one of the finest preventive agents against free radicals that are responsible for skin ageing. Beta-carotene is an active ingredient important for protecting the skin from the damage of solar radiation. It also contains Vitamin A, B2, C and E that have a healthy, revitalizing action. Also lavender, an aromatic herb used since Greek and Roman times and mainly cultivated in southern Europe, contributes its aromatherapy properties to the mask. It reduces tiredness and has a deeply relaxing effect.

Novanew Mask

This mask contains mineral substances and humectants to moisturize and restore water balance in the skin cells. Due to the pressure the mask exerts when applied, it enhances the penetration of the active ingredients that have been placed on the surface of the skin. It is suitable for use on skin of any type and age; it has a decongesting and refreshing action.

Vitamin Vegetable Mask

This mask is based on algae derivatives with added oranges and dill, both excellent sources of natural vitamin C. It has a lightening effect on the skin . It is a powerful scavenger of free radicals, these free radicals can accelerate the ageing process. It also stimulates an increase in collagen synthesis, diminishing wrinkle formation and increasing the skin's elasticity. Its spectacular cold effect provides excellent toning and muscular stimulation. It is suitable for all skin types.

Reaffirming and Clarifying Mask

Peel-off mask rich in Kiwi, one of the fruits with greater Vitamin C content, which has clarifying properties, besides an essential role in the collagen neosynthesis which is vital for the reaffirmation of the skin’s tissues. This action along with the firming effects of the carbohydrates, guarantee a lifting effect. In addition the Kiwi is an excellent source of beta-carotenes, proteins and oligo-elements. These components blended with the calming properties of the Poppy seed give the skin reaffirming vitamin effects.


Tips from Stylist.co.uk

Tips from STYLIST.co.uk:

“I prefer it when clients don’t talk during a facial. It makes it really hard to apply products. It can’t be relaxing for the client either.”

“Clients sometimes panic at the appearance of their skin following a facial. A flushed, pinky look is totally normal and will disappear after a couple of hours. If you’ve got an important event coming up, make sure you book your facial for at least 5 days in advance, to give the skin time to settle down.”

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Absolute Health clinic Leicester testimonials
Absolute Health clinic Leicester testimonials
Absolute Health clinic Leicester testimonials
Absolute Health clinic Leicester testimonials